3 KG

Alessandro Biamonti, 3 KG

If I think of the future I see objects that represent themselves, capable of generating direct relationships, although ready to be redesigned based on a constantly changing reality. I imagine that they are everywhere and have meaning in any context.
For this project I thought of weights. They can be filled with water or sand to do their job, but they are also beautiful, and in proportion, to be admired. We leave traces – it’s inevitable.

Alessandro Biamonti

Alessandro Biamonti, 3 KG. ; “Attese Edizioni Handmade in Albisola”, La Triennale, Milan, 2007

Alessandro Biamonti, 3 KG. “The New Italian Design”, Triennale Design Museum, Milan, 2007

3 KG by Alessandro Biamonti was prototyped in Albisola (Italy) in 2006 during the 3rd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art and was also presented at the travelling exhibitions “The New Italian Design”, La Triennale, Milan, 2007; Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid-Italian Embassy in Spain, 2008; Santralistanbul Main Gallery, Istanbul, 2011; Beijing Industrial Design Center, Peking 2011; Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Nantou (Taiwan), 2012; Alhondiga, Bilbao, 2013; Cannery Galleries, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, 2013.
3Kg was also presented on the occasion of the exhibition “Handmade in Albisola. Attese Edizioni”, La Triennale, Milan Design Week 2007.


Alessandro Biamonti, Moribana

Alessandro Biamonti, Moribana

Alessandro Biamonti’s project draws on the ancient tradition of Moribana, the Japanese art in which vases and flowers, branches and leaves are blended into one single decorative combination. Biamonti’s Moribanas take shape in low, round and not very deep receptacles, iridescent black and candy pink in colour, inside which rare stems and twigs rise up off-centre and curved between stones and flowers.

Moribana by Alessandro Biamonti was prototyped in Albisola (Italy) in 2010 during the travelling exhibition “Changing the world with a vase of flowers”, MUDAC-Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts, Lausanne, 2011; Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation-City of Camogli, 2010-2011; Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid-Italian Embassy in Spain, 2010.