Il piatto per l'ultimo pisello

Claudio Bracco, Il piatto per l'ultimo pisello

Doctor Watson is trying to finish his plate of peas but the fork would seem to have become totally useless: the pea slides all around the smooth surface of the plate. Suddenly, Sherlock Holmes grabs the fork, turns the convex part around, mashes the pea and then gobbles it up. This is what I remember of the beginning of a film I saw when I was really small and after so many years I felt it was necessary to pay tribute to poor Doctor Watson.

Claudio Bracco

Il piatto per l'ultimo pisello by Claudio Bracco was prototyped in Albisola (Italy) in 2006 during the 3rd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art and was presented at the following exhibitions: “Handmade in Albisola”, La Triennale, Milan Design Week 2007; “Tavole Meravigliose”, Fiera di Milano, Milan Design Week 2008.