3 x 1

Marco Ferreri, 3 x 1

Marco Ferreri considers the vase as a container and has designed a composition of vases holding of other vases. At the same time Marco Ferreri has decorated the vase by citing and combining Optical signs from the 1950s and ceramic enamels applied like “orange peel”, reminiscent of the ceramics of the Second Wave of Futurism in the 1930s when it came to Albisola.

Marco Ferreri, 3 x 1. “Di vaso in fiore”, Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan Design Week 2011

Marco Ferreri, 3 x 1. “Cambiar el mundo con un vaso de flores”, Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid, 2010

3 x 1 by Marco Ferreri was prototyped in Albisola (Italy) on occasion of the travelling exhibition “Changing the worl with a vase of flowers”, MUDAC-Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts, Lausanne, 2011; Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation-City of Camogli, 2010-2011; Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid-Italian Embassy in Spain, 2010.
Tre per uno was also presented at the following exhibition: “Marco Ferreri designer italiano”, La Triennale Design Museum, 2011; “Di vaso in fiore”, Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan Design Week 2011.