Young Chul Lee, Superstring  1

Young Chul Lee, Superstring  2

Young Chul Lee, Superstring (particular)


During the preparatory period, I conducted an audience-participation project with the citizens of Albisola and Savona including the mayor, kids, artists, teachers, curators and ceramicists. I gave out clay to hundreds of participants I encountered everywhere — in the street, cafés, the mayor’s office, schools and shops — and invited them to stamp their palms on a lump of clay and their names while making a wish. This grass roots dialogue and identification of the corporeality of one’s self provided the Biennale with sense of solidarity as well as pleasure.

Young Chul Lee

Superstring by Young Chul Lee was made in Albisola in 2003 during the 2nd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art.

Young Chul Lee, Dialogue in translocal culture

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