Multiplicity, Scanner


Wagons that normally transport coal from the sea into the hills leave the port of Savona every day. The area was mapped by attaching a camera to one of the wagons, thus creating a 35 km cross-section of the cableway layout. The end result is presented as a video shot from the bottom to the top, turning the filming viewpoint upside-down. In this way, the scanner-ableway provides the spectator with the opportunity to view a completely unexplored countryside.

Plant length: 17,431m
Speed: 3.5m/sec
Exact travel time: 1h 28 min
Number of wagons moving through the system: 1,240
Capacity: 1,000Kg
Total amount of material handled monthly:
about 50,000 tons (presently)
Maximum and minimum height above ground: max. approx. 100 m-min. ground level
Year built and other historical milestones: 1912 Line 1-1937 Line 2-1926 Quay
Number of employees: 194
Power consumption: approx. 3.7 Kwh/t (including unloading) excluding services (lighting, etc.).

Multiplicity (Matteo Ghidoni, Alessandro Petti)

Scanner by Multiplicity was made in Albisola (Italy) in 2006 during the 3rd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Funivie Spa (Savona), Unione Industriali della Provincia di Savona.