Vedovamazzei, Reset

Vedovamazzei’s sculpture looks at the relationship between bodies - the body of the vase and body of the flower. The vase is actually fitted with two holes along its diagonal axis, which a flower passes through as if puncturing the vase, just like an arrow through the heart. As the most symbolic object of all, the vase violated by the flower turns into an irreverent and comical corpus delicti.

Vedovamazzei, Reset. “Changer le monde avec un vase à fleurs”, Mudac, Lausanne, 2011

Vedovamazzei, Reset. “Cambiare il mondo con un vaso di fiori”, Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation-City of Camogli, 2010-2011

Reset by Vedovamazzei was prototyped in Albisola (Italy) on occasion of the travelling exhibition “Changing the world with a vase of flowers”, MUDAC-Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts, Lausanne, 2011; Pierluigi and Natalina Remotti Foundation-City of Camogli, 2010-2011; Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid-Italian Embassy in Spain, 2010.